Hi there, my name is Yechiel (if you haven’t already figured that out…) Let me share with you a little about myself personally. I am a bit of a nerd.

I have worked as a project manager as a day job but I’ve always had this thing with computers, information communications, and websites.

When it comes to doing work there is certainly nothing more enjoyable, if you ask me, than focusing on things technological innovation.

The reason I began this amazing journey that lead to this site, is because I met an extraordinary man that changed my way of looking at the online information world.

I won’t hide this from you, I had all kind of adventures trying to make money on line and I was struggling because I believed stories that eventually proved to be untrue.

So, it took some time to recover from all those adventures and now I am here to remain. I have learned from my studies and my offline company that there is lots to do if you have the right mindset.

When you are fully devoted, and ready to do whatever it takes to be successful, then you will not fail.

One thing is for certain, you can expect highs and lows. You will see periods when you want to quit, JUST KEEP GOING. It is going to get better.

I also identified that it is simpler to work and learn from someone who has been there and carried out all that I’m aiming to do.

The man I mentioned earlier is John Thornhill and I am really pleased so much meeting and teaming with John. I chose to learn from him how to develop an online business. One particular that will help other people reach their goals and hopes.

You may ask why I may wish to acquire this experience. The answer is very simple since I love to tinker and attempt new stuff, specially when it comes to technologies, I made the decision to build something that for me is very special.

I have been a specialist, industry expert, instructor, and more. With all of these various placements I actually understood the truth of the old saying that “You can reach any goal you want as long as you help others reach their goals”. It is as simple as that!