Experiences from my progress in the Partnership to Success course

I am a John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success Course student, this course is for anyone who wants to learn the affiliate marketing Blog imageprofession. During the period of my participation in the course, I will share with you, my loyal readers, my experiences out of a desire to help those who are looking to learn the Affiliate Marketer profession, and are wondering about without any clue, where to go next and what to learn. To take a short cut and a big leap towards their goal and come and from a real experienced mentor in the field, that already taught hundreds of successful Affiliate Marketers.

This is why I’m on this course now, after I’ve spent so much $$$$$s with no real result.

The course has an initial task of creating a digital product for sale within 60 days, knowing that Affiliate Marketing needs to be learned not theoretically but by doing, doing and then doing some more. Fortunately, under John’s supervision you are not going to do costly mistakes.

The method is based on releasing a daily lesson every day. John takes out a lesson and you have to complete it in order to meet the required goal of 60 days to a product launch. The big advantage is that you do not have to think about what the next step is, and walk around confused and unaware of where you are headed, and what you need to do next, everything is planned for you.

In real life it was impossible for you to deal with such a task, because it requires a lot of knowledge and precise planning of the steps, for example in the first lesson John teaches all the steps from scratch, how to set up this site including buying a domain and purchasing storage and how to design and publish the first post. The training is suitable and possible even for those who have no previous experience and this is the first time they are dealing with launching a website.

By the way, the first product I will build will also be distributed by the partners who completed the course (which lasts about a year), so if the product I build is attractive, it will be possible to make real money in about three months.

If you want to learn more about the program, click here.


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    • Rob

      Hi Yechiel,

      Great first post – setting out where you are coming from and where you want to go. I too am a P2S student so look forward to traveling with you.

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